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0. TypeSpeed

In this Project, We calculate the typing speed of the user. At the end of the test it shows the total time taken and WPM (Words per minute). There is also a Leader Board of Top 5 people which is shown after a successful test.

1. Automatic Code Writing

This script scans the given Google Drive for Images and Information related to the Images and adds a block of code with the link of the specific image with related information to the main code of the Website. This is the same Website that is mentioned on No. 6.

2. Figma & Front-End

While learning Figma, I Designed a Restro/Hotel Management Website for a Project. Afterwards, I developed the front-end for it. This is just the Front-End code. You can navigate through the Webpages by just pressing Buttons From this below Link.

3. Interview Management System

Java, SQL, HTML-CSS, PHP, JavaScript
Interview Management System provides a comfortable user interface to conduct Tests and Store the Candidate Data. Inside the system we can Add & Remove Candidate’s Details, Browse their CV’s. We can also Display the Added data. After the tests we can perform all similar processes with Candidates Result data. There are also HTML/PHP pages to Conduct tests with MCQ type Question Papers. There is a timer for Test. At the end of the Exam, The Total No. of Questions, Total No. of Correct Answers, the time & Pass/Fail Result is Displayed. There are Different Display’s for the Conditions if Time of test is Ended First or The Test Ended First.

4. Photo-Gallery-React

A Basic Photo Gallery App Created in React. [ Learning React ]

5. Color-Blindness-Simulator

This is a Color Blindness Simulator where you can simulate all 7 types of color blindness and see each type displayed. You can also simply copy the "EYE" and paste it on your webpage and go through all filters to check how accessible your webpage is for the Color Blind individuals. There is also a React Component for it!

6. A Photography Website

HTML-CSS, JavaScript
Like to do some Amateur Photography, So thought why don't i display it and get humiliated by a bunch of Strangers. (Work In Progress)

7. Date Calculator

Here we can calculate Days, Months, Weeks & Years from two manual Dates provided by user or till current Date. The fun part is that this is created without using any Python modules.


HTML-CSS, JavaScript
One day, I checked out my Old Portfolio. Felt Sick. Made a New One. Win 👍.
Can't wait to feel sick again.

9. Automation Scripts Related to Mailing & File Handling

In this Project the Python Script is scheduled to run every Midnight and to send “Happy Birthday and the Person’s name” as message and Total Years, Months, Weeks and Days the particular person has lived till date as text or as written in a file attached to the mail on their birthday. The Person’s name and Birthdate information is retrieved from an excel file. Also There are many different Scripts related to File Handling Operations like Adding, Removing, Updating and Retriving Data.





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